On The Shelf – Arthur Wines ‘Glass Slipper’ White Fortified Wine

By The Gentleman


As part of running The Cocktail Challenge The Lady and I have got the blog plastered over every social media platform we can find to get the word out there that we really like drinking. The best thing about being on these platforms is people not only find out about our blog, but we can find out what other people are up to. This On The Shelf is completely the result of  putting the blog on Pinterest, getting followed by the creative director at design and branding agency Studio Lost & Found and perusing what they have worked on. We came across these two very pretty ladies and simply had to find out more.

Arthur Wines Glass Slipper

The Glass Slipper White Fortified Wine is made by Arthur Wines in the Margaret River region of Western Australia. I’ve never had fortified wine before and The Lady hasn’t had much before but we both saw the labels and decided we had to have it regardless. Luckily, after tasting it, we realised the contents were just as good as the label. The Glass Slipper displays hints of lemon, lime, and meringue. It smells quite nice when you open the bottle, a very sweet but not overpowering smell. The Lady and I had a taste on it’s own, which was very sweet, but hey that’s fortified wine for you. We then mixed it with a bit of lemonade and surprisingly it actually tasted a bit like a lemon meringue pie! And who doesn’t love lemon meringue pie?  This is definitely the sort of drink that will go down really well in the summer. It’s very fresh and tastes as good as the bottle looks.

Arthur Wines Glass Slipper

The bottle though, oh the bottle. It has such a lovely shape, something you’d see more with spirits than wine. With the label it’s like Arthur Wines and Studio Lost & Found have read my mind when designing it. Pretty vintage ladies with hair worthy of Mad Men and vintage style font, oh my. The Glass Slipper is particularly cheeky, hello stockings, riffing off Cinderella and who doesn’t love that in a label. This time though she’s a bit rebellious, exchanging her slipper for her roller skates as the wine is part of the roller derby collection. Perusing through the Arthur Wines Facebook they certainly seem to like their derby, getting out and supporting the derby girls. Wine doesn’t have to be fancy all the time, sometimes it can be a bit more bold, more rough and tumble. The Glass Slipper works that line between fancy and more rough and tumble beautifully. Tash from Arthur Wines was also very kind in sending a few drink cards AND cards of the label. I am definitely going to get them framed because they are that damn stylish and cool. I’m very lucky that The Lady also shares my love of pretty vintage ladies so I can admire the Glass Slipper and not get in trouble.

Arthur Wines Glass Slipper and Drink Card

Being a fortified wine newbie and a lover of vintage pinup ladies it was almost inevitable that Arthur Wines Glass Slipper was going to be my first taste of this very sweet branch of the wine family. At the end of the day who can say no to a pretty lady? Plus I’ll definitely be keeping a keen eye out on Pinterest for more tasting inspiration, although that could prove fatal for my bank account. Something I’m sure you are all familiar with.

Arthur Wines Glass Slipper

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