Now Serving – Pommie Pimm’s Jug

By The Lady


Our final installment in the Pomegranate Trilogy is a twist on a British classic. We had some much fun with the Tangy Friday, and got a bit fancy with the What A Steal!, this time we wanted to go back to one of our favourites. Ages ago, we spoke about mixing up some delicious Pimm’s Cups, and at a recent party that we hosted, we thought the best way to wow our guests was to get our jugs (of Pimm’s) out. Not long after the party, we were gifted the bag ‘o’ pomegranates and knew that some were destined to be in our recently revived classic. We present to you our Pommie Pimm’s Jug!


Pommie Pimm’s Jug (Makes four tall glasses):

1 orange cut into slices

1 lime cut into slices

1/2 a cucumber cut into slices

8 strawberries, sliced

Pomegranate Seeds from 1 pomegranate

60mL Vanilla Simple Syrup (from the What a Steal!)

120mL Pimm’s

90mL Kangaroo Island Spirits Old Tom Aged Gin

Juice of 1 Pomegranate

Lemonade to serve

Ice, to serve


Add all the chopped fruit, chopped cucumber, and the pomegranate seeds, as well as the Pimm’s, the gin, the Vanilla Simple Syrup, and the pomegranate juice into large bowl to leave to infuse. Sit for about 10-15 minutes. Half fill a tall glass with the Pimm’s mixture and some ice. Top your glass with lemonade. Add a fancy straw, and umbrella, and you’ve got yo’self a tasty Pommie Pimm’s Jug!


We’re pretty happy with our twist on one of our favourite classics. The pomegranates and vanilla syrup gave the drink a unique flavour perfect for surprising and impressing your friends. The Pommie Pimm’s Jug had a lovely cucumber scent as well as an intensely delightful fruity flavour. The pomegranate definitely added an extra layer of sweetness, tartness, and an overall tasty goodness! The Vanilla Syrup is a perfect addition and helps to balance out all the flavours from the fruit, cucumber, and liquor. We’re a big fan of fruit, so we suggest when you’re pouring these out, make sure to spoon lots of fruit into your glass.


So next time you’re hosting a party and want to get your jugs out, keep it classy and make your guests the Pommie Pimm’s Jug!


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Now Serving – Pimm’s Cup

By The Lady


During the Mad March festival rush in Adelaide, the Gentleman and I visited the Pimm’s Bar within the Garden of Unearthly Delights and became utterly smitten. Upon our first visit (amongst many), the lovely bar assistant was rather charming and even offered us a picnic rug to use whilst sipping away at our Pimm’s Cup. So when a lazy Sunday afternoon recently presented itself to us, we decided naturally it was the perfect afternoon to crack open a bottle of Pimm’s No. 1.

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We decided to loosely base our recipe upon the classic Pimm’s Cup recipe, mainly because we didn’t have the exact ingredients and we couldn’t be bothered going to the supermarket to buy them! So instead, we used :

1 cup Pimm’s No. 1

1/4 cup homemade tonic syrup (made by the Gentleman. You don’t have to add this, we just decided to for extra fun Pimm’s times)

Around 600mL Waterfords Diet Lemon, Lime & Bitters

Half a punnet of Strawberries

1 Lemon

3 Limes

1/3 of a Large Cucumber

Handful of Basil leaves

Lots of ice

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Basically, cut up all your fruit and cucumber into desired shapes and mix all the ingredients together in a jug. I would suggest tearing the basil leaves to release some of the flavour.  This is a very rough guide, and if you compare our recipe to the classic Pimm’s Original mentioned earlier, you will see that traditionally the Pimm’s Original has mint and orange instead of basil, lemon and limes. Because there are a number of ingredients, and the ones we substituted are quite similar to the original ingredients, the flavour won’t vary that much I imagine. However, if you are a traditionalist or just really don’t like to mess with recipes, I suggest being more organised than we are!

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While I wish we had the correct ingredients to make a proper Pimm’s Original, our Pimm’s Cup really did hit the spot on our lazy Sunday afternoon. The drink was very refreshing with a lingering fruity taste which would be perfect for a warm summers day, or perhaps a picnic in the park. In the future, I would love to try it with oranges and mint, or maybe even with orange juice instead of a soft drink. I urge you all to hop on down to the supermarket and pick yourself up the ingredients for this number, because it sure will result in a jolly fine afternoon!


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