Out & About – Chihuahua Bar

By The Lady


Last week, The Gentleman and I went on a bit of a date. Oooh la la, I hear you say and I’d have to agree. Not only was the company I was keeping rather lovely, but also the places we went. Very oooh la la indeed!


Firstly, we went to the new restaurant Bread & Bone, which is situated in a little white tiled lane way between Adelaide’s Peel Street and Leigh Street. Let me tell you, this place is pretty trendy with tasty food to boot! We both ordered burgers, The Gentleman chose the oh-so meaty B & B Burger and the Veggie Burger for me, with a side of onion rings (obviously!) and I also ordered a Negroni. Given that I had had a rather long day without any sort of break, I pretty much inhaled my burger much to the amazement of The Gentleman! This place has a really cool feel, with great burgers and delicious liquor. For all you hip cats looking to check it out just be aware they don’t take reservations, but if it is busy you can head downstairs to new bar Maybe Mae. We are really looking forward to checking Maybe Mae out as well so keep your eyes peeled for a post about them hopefully very soon!


Burger time at Bread & Bone

After our delightful dinner, we then travelled the very short distance across the street to another new West End establishment : Chihuahua Bar. We were so impressed with this place we completely forgot to take notes on the drinks we had, and almost forgot to take photos! There is a definite mood lighting feel going on in Chihuahua, so we just got so caught up in the datey, mood-lighty moment!

Chihuahua 1

Alas, what we can tell you is that we enjoyed our drinks thoroughly! As mentioned earlier, I was rather drained from my long day and was craving a caffeine hit. When I saw the Espresso Martini on the cocktail list, it was a done deal. The Gentleman also noticed that not only did they make a more classic Espresso Martini, with vodka, they also made a more Mexican version, befitting the name Chihuahua Bar, with tequila. At first I was skeptical but as The Gentleman pointed out it’s almost too rude not to try tequila or mescal in a Mexican bar. Any trepidation I had was soon forgotten as this drink was probably the best coffee cocktail I have ever had perhaps, of course, with the exception of our Cold Hug and The Eastender we created! (We’re not biased at all …). Nevertheless, this coffee inclusive cocktail was just the thing I wanted and was absolutely amazing. It was so smooth with barely any of the overpowering alcohol kick you might have expected. Just mind blowing. Please order it just so we can all share my joy.


Espresso Martini at Chihuahua Bar

The Gentleman ordered this incredible drink called (I think) a Fresh Fruit Bomb, which was served as a shot IN PASSION FRUIT SKIN! So creative and such a refreshing and unique way to serve a drink. It was the perfect way to sip and enjoy a delicious mescal with a wonderful blend of fruit and chili heat. Also there is a little bit of the pulp and seeds left in the skin that you can scoop out at the end. I don’t know if you’re meant to do this but The Gentleman did it anyway and said it was delicious and well worth the possible odd looks from the rest of the bar. It was also very affordable so we will definitely be ordering this little beauty again.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Served in passion fruit skin. Now, that’s a horse of a different colour!

Due to the fact that Chihuahua has a super romantic mood lighting vibe going on, photo taking was a difficult task. Trust me when I say that this place rocks a super cute, kitsch and stylish interior design all at the same time. There is a vibrant mix of colours everywhere you look and fake flowers and leaves cover the wall in an alluring manner. I would love to sit upstairs next time and sip away on a few more of their cocktails they have on offer. I am sure they will not disappoint!

Chihuahua Bar Adelaide

Mood lighting at Chihuahua Bar

Chihuahua Bar is a truly unique experience like no other bar in Adelaide. Do yourself a favour and go visit this adorable bar. Maybe even take a special someone so you can also have a unique date night with your favourite lovely. Oooh la la indeed!

A sample of the Chihuahua Bar decor in better light. Image courtesy of the Chihuahua Bar Facebook page

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Out & About – Section 8 Container Bar

The second bar I visited while swanning around Melbourne was the Section 8 Container Bar. I was trying to avoid paying 70 bucks for a guided tour of Melbourne’s street art by trying to do a self-guided version, but the book we had may have been a little outdated. The streets we had written down didn’t seem to have any art on them, and the only saving grace was that getting to them did at least take us past Section 8 which not only had street art but booze!

Section 8 is located down Tattersalls Lane. On their website they have the tag line, “about as Melbourne as you can get”, and that is a pretty damn apt description of the place. It’s down a laneway (what cool thing in Melbourne isn’t?) and it’s an unusual set-up (the actual bar is a retooled shipping container and you sit on shipping pallets), with street art everywhere giving it a very cool yet kind of grungy look. Oh and they make a pretty damn good cocktail.


Gin again guided us in our decision, it is quickly becoming a favorite. The Purple Haze combined gin with cointreau as well as some lemon juice, maraschino and whatever the hell a “sweet purple cloud of violet” is in a martini glass. It was a very pretty drink as the cloud of violet sat at the bottom of the drink providing a nice contrast to the yellow of the alcohol soaked lemon juice. I only sampled a bit of this one and I’d be keen to try a whole one. Apparently the violet at the end was quite sweet so I imagine it was a syrup. Lemon juice and ginger can really do no wrong in my book.


Purple Haze (L), Bitter & Twisted (R)

The Bitter and Twisted was also a gin-based drink that combined Aperol, lemon, passion fruit and sugar in a tall glass. Again it looked really good, a nice bright orange color with a lot of foam, and tasted pretty damn good as well. I’m fast discovering that fruity cocktails are my thing and this was packed with fruit flavor. It was very refreshing, and probably would have been even better on a brighter day. Even though it was quite refreshing and the fruitiness made it easy to drink it still had a little bite to it which I quite liked.

Section 8 had a pretty big cocktail list with some very interesting combinations. Given more time I would have liked to have a tried more. I was pleasantly surprised that this bar, which looked like it may subscribe to the school of thought that more alcohol makes a good cocktail, was actually run by guys who have the know-how to serve you a very good drink.


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