Equipment- Claudette Barjoud “Tiki Temptress” Cocktail Set

Everyone knows that when you want to mix a crazy, fruity, Polynesian inspired rum-based cocktail that may or may not be set on fire that you need to do it in a tiki mug. At the beginning of the challenge I didn’t have my own tiki mug so I was in the market for one. On a recent visit to the always awesome Outre Gallery in Melbourne I managed to find a suitably cool tiki set from the fine people at Tiki Farm.


The set I purchased is a limited edition one of only 500 by the artist Claudette Barjoud. It comes with a pitcher, two mugs and two swizzle stir sticks that are tall enough to be used with the pitcher. I liked the fact that it was more of a classic cocktail set as opposed to some of the other tiki bowl and mug sets. I was also lucky enough to pick-up the last one at Outre, but I think there are still some available through Tiki Farm and Claudette’s site.


What really drew me to the set was the colors. The black and red were really eye-catching with the etched red images playing well against the smooth, satiny black ceramic. Then I saw the artwork, which is just amazing, as it features a bunch of scantly clad tiki girls in leopard print. The girls all look very cool and Claudette has a very cool, stylized design. The design was also a change from the usual tiki mugs you see, something else I found appealing, but they are still definitely inspired by mainstream Polynesian culture.


All in all I’m very happy with my purchase and I can’t wait to use them.


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