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By The Gentleman

Mr Black's Dream Date

Today’s post again gives you, our readers, two recipes for the price of one. Last week you may remember we experimented with Mr Black’s Coffee Liqueur and also sampled a rather delicious date flavoured beer from Burleigh Brewing, the Dream Date Dark Ale. The Lady and I enjoyed both of these so much we just had to have more of them and then the crazy idea hit us, how about we combine the two for some simple but hopefully incredibly tasty beer cocktails. So we once again went a little mad scientist and mixed up a few experiments and the results, well, an interesting thing happened. Out of the two drinks we made, both were quite nice, but The Lady really liked one and I really liked the other so we present to you, The Lady’s Dream Date and The Gentleman’s Dream Date. Enjoy!


The Lady’s Dream Date

15ml Ginger and Cardamom Syrup

30ml Mr Black’s Coffee Liqueur

Burleigh Brewing Dream Date Dark Ale

In a fancy glass, mix together the syrup and liqueur. Top with beer then stir to combine. The syrup is really easy to make, just combine one cup of sugar to half a cup of water and then add ginger and cardamon pods to your liking. We chose ginger and cardamom as they are flavours that are meant to pair well with dates. I only had powdered ginger on hand (as usual this was a last minute decision and something I had to make RIGHT then) and used about a teaspoon and a half of ginger to six cracked cardamom pods for a more ginger heavy syrup.

The Lady's Dream Date

You can definitely add more ginger syrup if that’s how you like it as the drink can definitely take it. We were concerned the syrup might make it too sweet, so that’s why we kept it on the down low, but it didn’t. The Lady described the drink as having a flavour reminiscent of those hard boiled ginger sweets your grandparents would always have and everyone knows grandparents only ever had the best food to constantly fatten you up so this is definitely a good thing. The ginger sweet flavour was at the top of drink, what you captured with the first mouthful. As you drank more and dug deeper into the flavours and the aftertaste the strong malts and hops of the beer became more pronounced. The coffee was definitely a subtle flavour, adding a slight bitterness along with the beer and combining with the syrup to give the drink an almost medicinal, herbal sort of aftertaste which left a very pleasant flavour in your mouth.

The Lady's Dream Date

The Gentleman’s Dream Date

45ml Mr Black’s Coffee Liqueur

1 tablespoon Fee Brothers Chocolate a Bitters Spiked Whipped Cream

Burleigh Brewing Dream Date Dark Ale

Pour liqueur and cream into a fancy glass. Top with beer. Stir to combine. The cream is similar to what we used in the Red Wine Chocolate Cake, just without the Mork cacao powder.

Gentleman's Dream Date

This was my favourite but also the one we were most unsure of at first. Cream and beer isn’t exactly a new thing but it is usually only used in conjunction with a dark stout, like a Guinness. The Dream Date Dark Ale is certainly no where near as heavy or creamy as a stout, but we thought the flavour of the beer combined with the coffee of the Mr Black would work, sense be damned! Luckily for us, it did. The Lady felt the drink was almost too sweet and this is why she preferred the less sweet, bitter, herbal flavours of The Lady’s Dream Date, but I really enjoyed this drink. For me that sweetness, combined with the dates in the beer and the coffee of the liqueur, made the drink taste like a like a creamy, caramelly iced coffee and not just the kind made over ice (which are lovely as well), but the really over the top kind that’s made with heapings of ice cream as well. The beer causes the cream to foam up immensely, it almost overflows, which gives you the same awesome creamy foam that you would get with a spider or float. Not only is the foam delicious but it gives the whole drink a creamy flavour. The Lady’s drink also generated some foam, from the syrup, but that simmered down over time whereas the cream meant the foam on this badboy stuck around the whole drink. The drink itself takes on a real caramel colour and the beer and cream don’t overpower the coffee. The drink still has a really strong coffee smell and the coffee and hops do give it a slight bitterness so it’s not all sweetness.

The Gentleman's Dream Date

Both of these drinks aren’t really for everyone. Even The Lady and I had our clear favourites. Still, each drink has some really interesting flavour combinations going on that beg to be tried out so you can see for yourself. We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised , especially those of you who are fans of iced coffee or ginger lollies.

The Gentleman's Dream Date

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