Now Serving – Paddington’s Gin

By The Gentleman

Do you know who loves marmalade? Paddington freaking Bear that’s who. No honey for this sophisticated little duffle coat wearing chap. Only marmalade sandwiches will do. We’re no Peruvian bears, but we certainly think Paddington is on to something with his marmalade obsession so we decided to mix Paddington’s obsession with our own, cocktails!


Paddington’s Gin

60ml Melbourne Gin Co Gin

15ml Honey Syrup

15ml Lemon Juice

3 tsp Four Pillars Orange Marmalade

Orange peel to garnish


Prepare your honey syrup by combining equal parts honey and hot water. Stir to combine the two and leave to cool down. Put some ice in a martini or coupe glass to chill it. Grab your cocktail shaker and add the gin and marmalade. Stir the two together so the marmalade will get nicely incorporated into the drink instead of freezing to the ice (trust me it happens). Add the other ingredients and lots of ice. Shake hard. Remove the ice from your glass and pour in (you can strain it to get any bits of marmalade out). Twist your orange peel over the drink to release the oils then drop in.


While we don’t condone giving alcohol to bears, particularly those targeted at a children’s audience, we certainly think Paddington would approve of the healthy orange marmalade aroma the drink maintains. It smells like a jar of orange marmalade and the flavour has a big orange punch. It’s a nice and tart citrus hit with a hint of bitterness, which pairs very well with the orange in the Melbourne Gin Co gin. It should also be noted that this was probably the perfect cocktail marmalade because it’s made with the oranges Four Pillars use in their gin. So they’ve been steamed and distilled in the botanicals of the gin to give them some extra spice flavour. This isn’t Paddington’s ordinary marmalade, but something a little special. We were concerned the drink may have been too sweet, more something that rapscallion Winnie The Pooh would like, but the honey provides a subtle sweetness that helps to balance out some of the tart bitterness of the marmalade. We couldn’t be bothered straining the drink so there were a few bits of orange skin, but they just provided a bit of character and texture to the drink (at lest that’s how we are justifying our laziness).


Pack up your suitcase, put on your red hat, grab your duffle coat, and crack open the marmalade, it’s time to treat yourself to some children’s character inspired cocktails. You know you deserve it.

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Now Serving – Roger That!

By The Gentleman and The Lady

Roger That!

You know what’s great, when someone says “I have leftover homemade orange marmalade! Do you want any?” At least, that’s the sort of thing we think is great. So when a friend of ours offered us some of their homemade orange marmalade on the proviso that we make a cocktail with it, we snapped it up without second guessing. So in recognition to the provider of some delicious marmalade, we present to you … Roger That!


Roger That!

30 mL Ouzo

15 mL Campari

2 teaspoons of Orange Marmalade

Drizzle of Humbugz Honey

30 mL Bundaberg Blood Orange Soda



In a cocktail shaker add Ouzo, Campari, and one teaspoon of Marmalade with a lot of ice and shake. Melt your honey a little so it’s easier to work with and it to the cocktail shaker.

*N.B. We have found that if you just add honey at room temperature into a cocktail shaker with ice, it often slightly solidifies, so putting it in the microwave to heat a little makes it a lot more workable for cocktails.

Shake again. Using a coupe glass, create a sugar rim with the other teaspoon of marmalade and sugar. We suggest holding the spoon of marmalade in one hand and your cocktail glass in the other hand. Dip the rim of the glass into the spoon of marmalade and twist around the whole circumference of the glass so that you get an even coating. You won’t use the whole teaspoon, but it is good to have a little extra so you have an even spread across the whole glass. Once you have your marmalade coating on the rim of the glass, place the sugar into a small pile on a plate. Again, roll the edge of your glass through the sugar, turning as you go so that you have an even coating. This is a lot easier that it sounds, but it does add a little extra preparation time. This step isn’t necessary, but we think it adds a nice sweetness to any drink, plus it looks pretty!

Pour in your booze then top with the soda. You won’t need to use much of the soda, but this depends on the size of your cocktail glass. Garnish with a dehydrated orange slice.

Roger That!

Making this drink we learned a few things. Mostly we learned that we can use Ouzo in a cocktail and get good results! It’s not something either of us have really had much of before, outside of a few ill advised party shots, so it was a bit risky. We ended up with another pretty drink (we’ve been on a roll lately) that had a really interesting and different bitter orange licorice flavour. If you like licorice then you’re going to love this. We can safely say we have never had anything quite like it. The other flavours tone down the dominance of Ouzo and give the drink a bit more depth and subtlety. The marmalade sugar rim gives it an extra sweetness and Campari and marmalade go together like peas in a pod. The other thing we learned is never let The Gentleman be in charge of decorations. It was bad. Sugar and marmalade everywhere. The Lady promptly took charge of cocktail decorating duties!

Roger That!

Homemade marmalade is great on toast, but when you want to step things up a little the Roger That! is a perfect choice. We tip our hat to our friend for providing us with such a great ingredient and for making us come up with something so delicious.

Roger That!

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