Now Serving – Pommie Pimm’s Jug

By The Lady


Our final installment in the Pomegranate Trilogy is a twist on a British classic. We had some much fun with the Tangy Friday, and got a bit fancy with the What A Steal!, this time we wanted to go back to one of our favourites. Ages ago, we spoke about mixing up some delicious Pimm’s Cups, and at a recent party that we hosted, we thought the best way to wow our guests was to get our jugs (of Pimm’s) out. Not long after the party, we were gifted the bag ‘o’ pomegranates and knew that some were destined to be in our recently revived classic. We present to you our Pommie Pimm’s Jug!


Pommie Pimm’s Jug (Makes four tall glasses):

1 orange cut into slices

1 lime cut into slices

1/2 a cucumber cut into slices

8 strawberries, sliced

Pomegranate Seeds from 1 pomegranate

60mL Vanilla Simple Syrup (from the What a Steal!)

120mL Pimm’s

90mL Kangaroo Island Spirits Old Tom Aged Gin

Juice of 1 Pomegranate

Lemonade to serve

Ice, to serve


Add all the chopped fruit, chopped cucumber, and the pomegranate seeds, as well as the Pimm’s, the gin, the Vanilla Simple Syrup, and the pomegranate juice into large bowl to leave to infuse. Sit for about 10-15 minutes. Half fill a tall glass with the Pimm’s mixture and some ice. Top your glass with lemonade. Add a fancy straw, and umbrella, and you’ve got yo’self a tasty Pommie Pimm’s Jug!


We’re pretty happy with our twist on one of our favourite classics. The pomegranates and vanilla syrup gave the drink a unique flavour perfect for surprising and impressing your friends. The Pommie Pimm’s Jug had a lovely cucumber scent as well as an intensely delightful fruity flavour. The pomegranate definitely added an extra layer of sweetness, tartness, and an overall tasty goodness! The Vanilla Syrup is a perfect addition and helps to balance out all the flavours from the fruit, cucumber, and liquor. We’re a big fan of fruit, so we suggest when you’re pouring these out, make sure to spoon lots of fruit into your glass.


So next time you’re hosting a party and want to get your jugs out, keep it classy and make your guests the Pommie Pimm’s Jug!


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Now Serving – Gin Lizz Cocktail

The Gin Lizz (I just made that up and I’m not if anything actually has that name) is what happens when a) I try to experiment and b) run out of the necessary ingredients to facilitate said experimentation.

In the last post I wondered what would happen if you made a Gin Fizz with lime instead of lemon. I thought I had enough gin leftover to try it, but I was wrong. So, so wrong. I ran out at just over an ounce of gin, which would have been a pretty weak ass cocktail. I had to scramble to think what might go with gin and lime and all I could come up with was Tuaca and Cointreau because they both have citrus flavours as well.

The lesson learned here is always, always prepare before mixing otherwise be prepared to wing it and accept the consequences.

1 and a bit ounces gin (I used South Gin)

Splash of Tuaca

Splash of Cointreau

3/4 ounce of lime juice

1 teaspoon sugar



Combine gin, Tuaca, Cointreau, lime juice, and sugar in a shaker. Shake vigorously. Pour over ice in a hi-ball glass.

Gin Lizz

So one thing I can say is the drink ended up with a very nice color, taking on a very light tinge of green from the lime. It also ended up being a sweeter drink and probably needed more of the Cointreau and Tuaca added to let the flavours of those drinks come through as well. It had what I would describe as a smooth flavour though and I think that is the vanilla of the Tuaca coming through. Unlike the Gin Fizz, which hit you with the tang straight away, the Gin Lizz starts off sweet and then leaves the tangy flavour as an aftertaste.


The drink wasn’t a success, but I also wouldn’t say it was a complete failure. I still drank it and enjoyed it, but it probably showed my novice skills at mixing drinks. I’ll probably come back to it later when I’m better prepared and have a better understanding of what flavours combine well together.


For the moment though I’m going to enjoy what’s left of this drink and look forward to the next one.


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Now Serving – Gin Fizz Cocktail

The Gin Fizz, also known as an Alabama Fizz, is a super simple yet very enjoyable cocktail. As the name suggests it is another gin based cocktail. I’m not even really a gin person, but it just seems that gin is everywhere around me at the moment telling me to drink it. And I’m okay with that.

The Gin Fizz also has the honor of being our first official drink from the Ultimate Bar Book. The book lists multiple variations to the drink, such is its position as a classic, but I opted for a fairly standard version.
Gin Fizz equipo
1 1/2 ounce gin (I used South Gin)
3/4 ounce lemon juice
1 teaspoon sugar

Combine the gin, lemon juice and sugar in a shaker. Shake vigorously and strain into a hi-ball glass with ice. Top with lemonade.

Traditionally, a Gin Fizz uses soda water but I didn’t have any so I improvised with lemonade. I’ll need to compare the two as I suspect the lemonade may make it a little sweeter than it normally would. I also used slightly less gin and lemon juice than the book’s recipe, but feel free to bump it up to 2 ounce of gin if you’re a big gin drinker.
Gin Fizz
Either way the drink is still great. It is very refreshing and if you like a bit of tang (side note: how great a word is tangy…tangy, tangy, tangy) to your beverage then this is the drink for you. It allows you to do that sour face lip smack as your tongue gets stuck to the roof of your mouth after every mouthful, amazing.


I’d be curious to try replacing the lemon with lime to see whether the flavour changes all that much or if its still just a glass full of tangy goodness.


Be warned though, it goes down very well making it a dangerous drink especially if you up it to 2 ounces of gin…1 Fizz, 2 Fizz, 3 Fizz, floor?


Anyway, its one drink down and 999+ to go!


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