Now Serving – Glorious Gin and Tonic

By The Gentleman


You may recall a little while ago we added the Breuckelen Distilling Glorious Gin to our On The Shelf category. At that stage we hadn’t yet had the chance to crack open the bottle and sample what the Brooklyn based distillery had to offer. Well, we’ve rightly rectified that and indulged in a few Glorious Gin and Tonics.


30ml Breuckelen Distilling Glorious Gin

90-100ml Fentiman’s Tonic Water

Slice of Grapefruit


In the Breuckelen Distilling On the Shelf article I highlighted that the gin is made with grapefruit and I’d like to make a Glorious gin and tonic with grapefruit in it. It was a good thing that I got one as it really went well with the gin. I had to cut a few slices of grapefruit before I got a good piece and I squeezed the juice from those few slices into the gin as well. I think those few drops of juice helped the flavour. It was just a really well balanced gin and tonic. The Fentiman’s Tonic Water is great, it has a very nice smell from all the botanicals used, and seemed to compliment the gin. The drink wasn’t sweet but it wasn’t overly bitter either which most gin and tonics at a bar tend to be.


It is safe to say that the Breuckelen Distilling Glorious Gin tastes as good as it looks. The use of a grapefruit slice instead of a lime is key here I think as it suits the gin and I was pretty pleased with my first experience with the Fentiman’s Tonic Water. A simple but delicious mix you should all try.


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On The Shelf- Breuckelen Distilling Glorious Gin

As part of my cocktail journey I am still seeking out well designed and interesting distillers and brewers to help broaden my spirit knowledge. For my birthday I was lucky to receive a bottle of Breuckelen Distilling’s Glorious Gin. As you might expect Breuckelen Distilling are located in Brooklyn, New York. They mill, mash, ferment, distill, mature, fill, and label each and every bottle of spirits they produce, placing a real emphasis on being made by hand.

Glorious Gin

Glorious Gin

I’m yet to open my bottle but the site claims the Glorious Gin is distilled with juniper, lemon, rosemary, ginger, and grapefruit. It sounds like quite a flavorful combination and I’m really looking to opening it and pairing it with some nice tonic water and a slice of grapefruit to just appreciate the flavors.

Glorious Gin

Glorious Gin

The label is beautiful and elegant, utilising black and white to really standout on the clear bottle. On the shelf it has a striking presence and the flowing typography of the label really catches the eye. It is a simple, clean bottle which is just the sort of thing I like. It also gets bonus points for including a random dog on the back of the bottle. Seriously, puppies win every time.

If the Glorious Gin tastes half as good as it looks then I’ll be in for a real treat.


UPDATE: The guys at Breuckelen Distilling got back to me on Twitter to inform me that the puppy on the bottle is not Random, but Charlie the very happy Breuckelen Distilling booze hound.


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