Now Serving – Tequila Jammer

By The Gentleman

Jammy Tequila

Deadlines turn me into a procrastinator, but unlike a normal person when I procrastinate I don’t just watch TV or play video games, I get in the kitchen. Procrastibaking, procrastisaucing, basically anything food related that’s a little bit different and allows me to experiment seems a hell of a lot better than studying. My latest focus is on procrastipreserving, whipping up jams and fruit butters, instead of introductions and conclusions. Preserving is great because you can use whatever fruit you happen to have available. I made a rather delicious raspberry jam, with a few extra flavours added in. While we’ve been enjoying it slathered on bagels, we’ve always got cocktails on the brain. So now we’ve added jam to a delicious cocktail. Oh my.

Jammy Tequila

Tequila Jammer
1 heaped spoon of Raspberry Jam
30mL Jalapeño Syrup (see recipe here)
60mL Espolon Blanco Tequila
250mL Fever-Tree Club Soda
4 raspberries for garnish

In your cocktail shaker add the jam, syrup and tequila. With a whisk or a fork combine the ingredients together. I did this so the jam would be mixed in and not all clumpy. You could shake it but this way I could make sure the jam had mixed in to the level I wanted. When your jam is no longer clumpy, grab a tall glass and add ice then pour in your boozy jam mix. Top with club soda and garnish with raspberries and a drizzle of extra jalapeño syrup.

Jammy Tequila

I constructed the cocktail with these ingredients in order to reflect the flavours of the jam I had made because, well,  pairing flavours is my jam (sorry I had to have at least one ‘that’s my jam’ reference in here). The jam was made from raspberries, tequila and some of the jalapeño syrup. It has a really nice fruity flavour that is no where near as sweet as commercial jam and the jalapeño syrup gives it this undercurrent of heat and something a little different. If you’re making this with store jam I’d get a seedless one but when it’s homemade you don’t really care about a little thing like seeds.

Jammy Tequila

So I’d have to start describing this little cocktail by saying that the drink was damn tasty. It looked spectacular, a very pretty deep red colour from the combination of the jam and the jalapeño syrup. The tequila and jalapeño syrup gave the drink this gorgeous spicy heat. It wasn’t overwhelming but instead left this super pleasant tingling sensation on your tongue. The jalapeño syrup also adds a smokiness to the drink, which is very nice. The raspberry jam isn’t as strong as I would have expected. Instead it adds a subtle sweetness to the drink which helps to balance out the heat from the other components. We’re also really digging putting bits of whole fruit in our cocktails at the moment. This time, the extra raspberries just soak up all the flavours and leave you with this delicious bite of sweet drunken raspberry. It is definitely an explosion of flavour in your mouth that you owe yourself to try.


Making the Tequila Jammer proves that avoiding deadlines and procrastipreserving is even more fun when you get cocktails out of it! The drink is a delicious mix of smoky jalapeño heat and a little raspberry sweetness that looks so impressive and tastes just as good. Things that look and taste good, well, that’s my jam (Yes, two times)!


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Out & About – Street ADL

By The Lady

Recently, The Gentleman and I visited the reasonably new kid on the Rundle Street block – Street ADL. This fine establishment is where we were able to sample a duo of gin based drinks recommended by the bartender. The Gentleman ordered the Native Currant Bramble and I opted what the bartender referred to as a “Proper” Gin & Tonic. Being a HUGE gin lover, this prospect excited me a little more than I would usually publicly acknowledge. While we didn’t eat a full meal, we did order a serve of tasty fries which really hit the spot!


After informing the bartender of my love of gin, he informed me that in his opinion, the “Proper” Gin & Tonic that he was going to prepare for me would include Monkey 47 Schwarzwald Dry Gin, Fever Tree Soda Water and El Guapo Tonic Syrup. Of course, I accepted. The resulting drink was very refreshing and went down far too easily I must say! Due to the El Guapo Syrup being used, the drink had a slight golden hue. I felt that pairing the El Guapo Tonic Syrup with the Monkey 47 Gin was a perfect combination that enhanced the botanical flavours in the gin. Also, the “Proper” Gin & Tonic had a lovely citrus scent, so it really was an enjoyable flavour sensation. I might have even paid the $48 that I misheard the bartender quote me!

"Proper" Gin & Tonic (L) & Native Currant Bramble (R)

“Proper” Gin & Tonic (L) & Native Currant Bramble (R)

The Native Currant Bramble, which The Gentleman sampled, was beautifully presented and a gorgeous magenta colour. The drink included gin (a crowd favourite), lemon juice, native currants as well as some Gabriel Boudier Crème de Cassis. Using native Australian ingredients is Street ADL’s jam and it makes for a nice change in the local cocktail scene. The drink was very similar to boysenberry ice-cream, so clearly, a very enjoyable experience! Also, it had a nice tangy taste, which was very well balanced with all the other flavours in the drink.

East End Style at Street ADL. Photo credit Street ADL website

East End Style at Street ADL. Photo credit Street ADL website

Street ADL definitely fits in very well in the East End of Adelaide with its very cool vibe and impressive drinks list. The interior of the bar includes interesting black and white murals painted on the walls as well as large share tables and knowledgeable staff to boot! We both look forward to revisiting Street ADL for another gin filled afternoon or evening in the near future! They have recently started doing Gin Bench Sundays and The Gentleman and I definitely approve of this development because there isn’t a better pairing than gin and Sundays (well gin and any day is good really).

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