Now Serving – Cocktail Kit Espresso Martini

By The Lady


Gorgeous packaging from Cocktail Kit. Most definitely dapper design. Top marks for presentation!


We love making, buying and drinking cocktails, we’ll just put that out there. While we have built up a collection of equipment and ingredients, we understand that it must be hard for some people to get into cocktail making mode when they are lacking all the essential utensils and liquors. Instead of overwhelming yourselves with the thousands of different liquors you can buy or the millions of different recipes you might want to try, we suggest starting with something simpler that will provide you with all the right clues towards a fabulous first cocktail experience. We suggest that you check out Cocktail Kit, who deliver all the ingredients to your door and do everything but make it for you!


Cocktail Kit is a brand spanking new website run by local legend Steve of Steve The Bartender. Basically, the website is a subscription service which offers either monthly or one off subscriptions where you can have a mixture of liquors sent to you based upon a feature monthly cocktail. Additionally, if you have a few extra ingredients in your cupboard, the kind people at Cocktail Kit provide guidance for a few extra cocktail recipes based upon those sent out that month. You can also purchase the one off Bar Kit, which provides all the tools needed to turn you into a master mixologist. Not only that, but the subscription also offers you exclusive access their online portal where you will find instructional videos and hints on how to create the perfect cocktails! (The online area wasn’t open when we received our sample, but we’ll be back to check it out later.)


We think this is a great service as it helps make cocktail making more approachable and a whole lot easier for those who want to dabble in the bartender ways! It can always be tricky when you are looking at a cocktail recipe only to find that you must buy several ingredients, but Cocktail Kit provides all the ingredients you need to make each months feature cocktail. Hooray! Plus you can also choose between the Entertainer Kit, which comes with full-size bottles and will let you dazzle your friends, or the Sample Kit, which provides adorable little miniatures so you can try a bunch of cocktails on a budget.


With the ingredients and instructions sent to us by Cocktail Kit, this is how we made our Espresso Martini, which is the first kit from the Cocktail Kit …

Espresso Martini:

30mL 666 Pure Tasmanian Vodka (PS peeps … 666 have an awesome website! Turn the volume up)

30mL Tia Maria

30mL Little Drippa Cold Drip Coffee

Ice (for preparation)


vscocam-photo-5 vscocam-photo-2

Place some ice cubes in your martini glass to chill. Also half fill your cocktail shaker with ice (we used the Boston shaker sent to us by Cocktail Kit and prayed the whole time that we had smacked it on correctly). Add all the ingredients into the cocktail shaker and shake what your mama gave you … oh and also shake the cocktail shaker too! Empty the ice from the cocktail glass and strain the tasty liquor into your glass. We garnished with a few coffee beans because we so fancy, but it would be just as delicious without.


Double straining like a mofo


Ta da! How easy is that! Hint : so freaking easy! The Espresso Martini was very tasty with the Tia Maria giving it a sweeter, smoother flavour, but it still has that coffee and vodka kick. It was very easy to drink, easy to prepare, and tasted damn good. What more could you ask for?


We highly recommend the Cocktail Kit subscription service. We think it is the perfect way to break into the world of cocktails and an ideal gift, especially with Christmas right around the corner (get in quick to place your order for the first kit). I think it makes it so easy and affordable to whip up quick and delicious cocktails without even having to leave the house for ingredients! It’s beautifully packaged and the recipe provided great results. Plus, it gave us an excuse to partake in a cheeky pre-lunch cocktail. Morning coffee anybody?


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Disclaimer: The Cocktail Challenge was provided a free “The Sampler” Cocktail Kit as well as a Bar Kit for this article. Although this post is sponsored all opinions are our own.

Equipment- Areaware Bottle Opener

Every home bar needs a good, solid bottle opener. For me that is the Areaware Bottle Opener. I found it in the gift shop of the Museum of Modern Art in New York and rightly so as it is design perfection.

The Areaware Bottle Opener

The Areaware Bottle Opener

The Areaware Bottle Opener is one of those beautifully simple pieces of design that are also immensely practical. Made from Beech Wood or Walnut the opener is shaped so it holds easily in the hand. It utilises a magnet to hold the bottle cap in place while a bent nail easily slides under and you just pull back to open your beverage. When the bottle is opened the magnet holds onto the cap so there’s no fumbling around the benchtop as it bounces away. It also has a second outer magnet so you can keep it on your fridge door. Seriously it is that simple yet amazing that you will be kicking yourself for not already thinking of it.

-The Areaware Bottle Opener

-The Areaware Bottle Opener

Simple. Accessible. Timeless. Now to pop open another beer.


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Equipment- Claudette Barjoud “Tiki Temptress” Cocktail Set

Everyone knows that when you want to mix a crazy, fruity, Polynesian inspired rum-based cocktail that may or may not be set on fire that you need to do it in a tiki mug. At the beginning of the challenge I didn’t have my own tiki mug so I was in the market for one. On a recent visit to the always awesome Outre Gallery in Melbourne I managed to find a suitably cool tiki set from the fine people at Tiki Farm.


The set I purchased is a limited edition one of only 500 by the artist Claudette Barjoud. It comes with a pitcher, two mugs and two swizzle stir sticks that are tall enough to be used with the pitcher. I liked the fact that it was more of a classic cocktail set as opposed to some of the other tiki bowl and mug sets. I was also lucky enough to pick-up the last one at Outre, but I think there are still some available through Tiki Farm and Claudette’s site.


What really drew me to the set was the colors. The black and red were really eye-catching with the etched red images playing well against the smooth, satiny black ceramic. Then I saw the artwork, which is just amazing, as it features a bunch of scantly clad tiki girls in leopard print. The girls all look very cool and Claudette has a very cool, stylized design. The design was also a change from the usual tiki mugs you see, something else I found appealing, but they are still definitely inspired by mainstream Polynesian culture.


All in all I’m very happy with my purchase and I can’t wait to use them.


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