Small Mouth Week – Now Serving – Cold Hug

By The Lady


For our second date with Small Mouth Vodka this week during Small Mouth Week, the Gentleman and I decided to go for another coffee based cocktail – coffee and Small Mouth, sounds good to me! We based the recipe off of a local news site’s suggestion for winter warmer cocktails. We think cocktails are great any time of year to be honest, but the news is telling us to indulge, so I suppose we’ll have to.

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For our cocktail, we used:

40mL Cold Brew Coffee using Barossa Coffee Roasters Single Origin Brazillian (beans purchased from Sad:cafe)

15 mL Maple Syrup

50mL Small Mouth Vodka

Lemon Peel


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Shake up your vodka, coffee, maple syrup and some ice in a cocktail shaker. Shake it like a Polaroid picture. You know you want to! Strain out your cocktail sans ice into your fancy shmancy cocktail glass. Peel yourself some lemon peel in a long strip. Hold the peel over the glass and twist the peel before placing it over the edge of the glass or wherever you like in the glass. This helps to release some of the citrusy flavour. Or at least, we think it does!

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And tada! A coffee cocktail to keep you happy and keep you awake! The twist of lemon gives the drink a really lovely citrus scent and goes surprisingly well with the coffee. The drink tastes and smells like a coffee flavoured dessert, which I am always in favour of. We can understand why it was listed as a ‘winter warmer’, because it has a delightful warmth and cosiness to it, with a tingle going down your throat as you drink – like a hug for your taste buds! Perhaps things really are heating up for us on this second date? I think if you were to more vigorously shake the cocktail shaker (more so than we did) you would be able to get a foamy topping to the drink, but in this respect we will try again. Oh well, we’ll have to drink more. Oh no …

Small Mouth Vodka

We are loving what Small Mouth Vodka has to offer. It is a very tasty and versatile drink. We know it’s only the second date, but we think we might be falling in love. Is it too soon to say? We think not, because this one’s a beauty!


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Disclaimer: The Cocktail Challenge was provided a free sample bottle of Small Mouth Vodka for this article. Although this post is sponsored all opinions are our own.

Now Serving – The Eastender

By The Gentleman


A few weeks back we got engaged in a great, challenging little conversation on Twitter with local organisation East End Adelaide. East End Adelaide work to improve and promote Adelaide’s East End, which is one of the city’s major food, shopping and late night districts. They challenged us to come up with a cocktail, called The Eastender, that would characterise the city’s East End. At first, we’ll admit, we were a little freaked out. THE PRESSURE! But when we thought about it a few ideas started to come through and we came up with a cocktail that ended up being damn fine and we think worthy of the name, The Eastender.

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To us Adelaide’s East End is all about the coffee. There are so many great cafes like Exchange, Hey Jupiter, Sad: cafe, Horner & Pratt, Nano and The Howling Owl that you’re always spoiled for choice. They’re all slinging such high quality coffee as well. Adelaide as a whole makes great coffee, hell it’s part of the reason why we don’t have a Starbucks here anymore and that’s a pretty cool title to have.  The East End also has plenty of options to indulge you’re sweet tooth, both at the cafes mentioned already and at specialty dessert joints Steven ter Horst, Chocolate Bean, Sir Cafe, Cocolat and Gelatissimo. When thinking about The Eastender we thought the drink had to reflect these two key aspects of what makes the East End a great place to visit (and slowly pack on the pounds). It also recognises that sometimes these things need to be kicked up a notch from the kiddies section to the adults table! Without further ado:

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The Eastender

40ml Tuaca

60ml orange infused cold brew coffee made with Barossa Coffee Roasters Single Origin Brazil Jarbas Cleto from Sad: cafe

120ml B.D Farms Paris Creek Zero Fat Organic Milk

2 scoops Gelatissimo chocolate gelato

Optional – good shake of cinnamon, more to garnish

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Add all the ingredients except the gelato to a blender. Blend that goodness up. Add your gelato then blend some more. Pour it into a fancy glass, get yourself a colourful straw and dust that bad boy with some more cinnamon.

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Now you could just make this with a shot of espresso, but talk to any coffee lover and they’ll tell you that for iced coffee or in this case coffee milkshakes cold brew coffee offers a much smoother, less bitter flavour. Cold brew does require some forethought and preparation, but you’re a sophisticated cocktail drinker who does have time for this! Cold brew is also really simple:


Orange Infused Cold Brew Coffee

1 cup ground coffee beans (Barossa Coffee Roasters Single Origin Brazil Jarbas Cleto from Sad: cafe for me)

Zest of half an orange

About 850ml filtered room-temperature water

Cold Brew4Barossa Coffee Roasters

In a sealable jar, like a mason jar, combine your ground coffee and zest. There is some debate over what sort of grind is best, french press or espresso. I don’t go full espresso but it is a finer grind. Add in your water, making sure all the coffee is covered and there aren’t any areas hiding and mocking you by still being dry. Give the coffee a bit of stir with a wooden spoon and then seal the jar. Don’t shake it or anything like that, just leave it out at room temperature for at least 12 hours but closer to 16 hours if you can. After you’ve let the coffee brew pour it through a coffee filter or muslin cloth at least once but twice if you’ve got the patience. Your yield should be around 600mls, sometimes more sometimes less depending on how much liquid the coffee decides to soak up. You can add whatever you like when brewing, I think the zest of the orange keeps it fresh and brings out the fruity sweetness a lot of coffee beans naturally have. Tuaca also has a citrusy flavour so I thought a citrus infused cold brew would marry well.

Cold Brew2Cold Brew

The recipe we based The Eastender off is called a Wake Me Up shake but The Lady and I instead indulged in a few of these at night. The coffee and Tuaca combination instead acted as a Keep Me Up with The Lady being particularly buzzy after breaking her rule of no coffee after midday (all in the name of science…or blogging). We weren’t sure whether the chocolate gelato would be too much , overpowering the other flavours, but it worked quite well. The shake of cinnamon was one of those ‘well why not?’ moments and besides, everyone knows cinnamon makes everything better! The drink was really well balanced. Sweet but not sickly. Boozy, but not over the top like a lot of other alcoholic milkshakes we’ve had. Fragrant and spicy from the cinnamon and suitably creamy from the milk and gelato. The coffee and chocolate didn’t quite mix to mocha flavour but it was something very similar with a boozy, slightly vanilla kick from the Tuaca. There was a whole lot of flavour going on that really just worked and we were pretty happy with the results.

The Eastender Cocktail

Adelaide’s East End is where it’s at for good coffee and good desserts. The Eastender is our attempt at blending those two features together into one delicious drink. We think we did alright and reckon The Eastender would be right at home amongst the cafes and dessert bars of the East End, hanging out in the adults section.


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