Now Serving – So French 75

By The Gentleman

So French 75

Tea, if you haven’t realised by now, is a great addition to your cocktail repertoire. This is already our fourth experiment with using tea in a cocktail and we aren’t planning on stopping anytime soon. The complex and delicious flavours of your favourite tea blend can lend a different element to your drink of choice. That’s the approach we took with our So French 75, which ramps up the flavour of the classic French 75 with a delicious concentrate made from Sydney based T Totaler’s French Early Grey Loose Leaf Tea (see what we did there, French tea for a French 75).  Props to With Food + Love for the inspiration.

T Totaler French Earl Grey

French Earl Grey Tea Concentrate

5 tsp T Totaler French Early Grey Loose Leaf Tea

1 cup boiling water

4 tsps candied cinnamon honey


First you need to make your tea concentrate, which doubles as the sweetness (simple syrup) you would normally add to a French 75. Start by boiling the kettle. Place tea in a tea strainer or French Press. Pour over water and leave to steep for 10 minutes. After about 5 minutes stir in your honey, making sure that it dissolves. After 10 minutes plunge your French Press and then pour out the tea into a jar or glass. Place in the fridge to cool.

So French 75

So French 75

30ml French Earl Grey Concentrate

15ml Lemon Juice

45ml Melbourne Gin Co Gin

Champagne to top (We used Jansz Premium Cuvee)


Fill your cocktail shaker with ice, then add the tea concentrate, lemon juice and gin. Shake well. Strain into a Champagne Flute and then top with Champagne. You can garnish with a lemon twist if you feel inclined, but alas we did not have any lemons.

So French 75

The first thing you’ll notice is the tea concentrate gives the drink a very pretty colour, a brassy, copper tone. The second thing you’ll notice is this drink has an absolutely delicious aroma and that’s all down to the tea. The T Totaler French Earl Grey is made from China Black Tea, hibiscus, roses, blue corn, marigold, and bergamot. It has a real fruity, floral and herbal aroma that stands out in the drink, which isn’t dulled but actually enhanced by the gin and Jansz. The So French 75 has a really sharp, zingy citrus flavour but there’s nice balance. It’s not too sweet and the Jansz gives it a nice dryness, a combination that leaves you quite refreshed. Be careful as this is a sneaky strong drink. The delightful tea flavours mask the strength of the gin and wine.

So French 75

I’m still not a tea drinker, but all these tea cocktails are definitely to my taste. They add something different to any drink without much effort and we are all about adding as much flavour with the least amount of effort. The tea concentrate makes quite a lot so we can’t wait to shake up a few more drinks that are bursting with floral, herbal tea flavours.


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