Now Serving – Mango Beer Bellini

By The Gentleman

Mango Beer Bellini

I have a confession to make. It was only this year that I had my first Bellini. Scandalous I know. I blame it on my late introduction to the wonderful world of wine. Once I sampled one though I instantly regretted ignoring it for so long. Oh the mistakes we make when we are young. The Mango Beer Bellini is my way of making up for lost time by taking two things that are delicious, Bellinis and beer, and joining them in holy cocktail matrimony. Prepare yourself for some flavour!

Beer and Prosecco

Mango Beer Bellini

Mango Puree

1 part Matso’s Mango Beer

1 part The Killer Prosecco

Mango pieces for garnish

Mango Puree

Make the mango puree by cutting a mango into chunks and placing it in a food processor with 1/2 tsp lemon juice, 1/2 tsp sugar and 1 tbsp water. Process until the mango is smooth and then gradually add more water, a tablespoon at a time, to thin out the puree. You want it to be thick, but pourable.

Mango Beer Bellini

Place mango puree in the bottom of your glass. We used some pretty epic glasses so we used about 2 tablespoons of mango puree. Half fill your glass with Prosecco and then top with the mango beer. Place mango pieces on top to garnish.

Mango Beer Bellini

First off, this drink is so easy to make. Mango purée takes all of 5 seconds to whip up and that’s hardest part, unless you have limited Prosecco cork popping experience like we do. Then the hardest part is not dying when the cork pops off before you are prepared (true story, The Lady was this close to being a one-eyed bandit. Please be careful!). The recipe is also pretty adaptable. Whatever beer you can find you can match with a fruit purée, a strawberry Belgian beer or a grapefruit IPA are perfect alternates. You can also make it as big or small as you like. We kind of went overboard as the glasses I chose were deceptively big so we took calling them Big Ass Bellinis, but regardless of glass size it’s half Prosecco and half beer. Easy!

Mango Beer Bellini

We are also pleased to report that beer and Prosecco go together like peas in a pod. It can go to your head a bit, especially if you decide to use a huge glass like we did (YOLO), but damn it is good. The beer tones down the overt sweetness of the Prosecco and really enhances the mango flavour. The drink also remains quite light and fresh and doesn’t give you that really full beer feeling. Also I shouldn’t have to tell you that the drink smells fantastic, really fresh and sweet mango fruitiness.


So next time you’re looking to whip up some Bellinis, oh say for a swinging Summer partay, do yourself a favour and shake things up with a bit with some fruity beer. You will not be disappointed.


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