Now Serving – Domo Arigato

By The Lady

Domo Arigato

The Gentleman has pretty gash darn lovely relatives. For his birthday this year, he received a bottle of Suntory Hibiki Whiskey direct from Japan. That’s right … 17 year old fancy Japanese Whiskey. How lucky is he? Iggy Azalea would be proud! As we hadn’t used this one yet, we figured the time was right to crack this beauty open. But the dilemma …  what to mix it with? Well, have we got a surprise in store for you! We have been a little creative these past few weeks, and we figured ‘Why stop being daring when we are having SO MUCH FUN?!’. So, let us throw some FENNEL & CUCUMBER into a cocktail. You heard me … FENNEL & CUCUMBER!

Hibiki Whiskey


60mL Suntory Hibiki 17yo Whiskey
10mL Fennel Syrup (See instructions below)
10mL Cucumber Juniper Shrub
3 dashes of Bitter Tears Lucille Blood Orange Bitters
Cucumber slice to garnish

Fennel Syrup 

In a saucepan, combine 1 cup of sugar with 1 cup of water and bring to a boil, stirring so it doesn’t burn. After the sugar has completely dissolved, remove from the heat and stir briefly. Allow to cool.
Add 3 teaspoons of ground fennel seeds to your mixture and leave overnight in the refrigerator. Finely strain to remove the fennel. You can keep it refrigerated for up to two weeks.
Domo Arigato
Combine the whiskey, fennel syrup, shrub and bitters in a large glass. Add ice, and stir for approximately ten seconds. Strain into an Old Fashioned glass with fresh ice (one big ass cube if available). Garnish with a cucumber slice.

 Domo Arigato

Once you have done all your prep work in making the Fennel Syrup, it is actually a really quick and easy drink to make. The Domo Arigato has a delightful sweetness to it whilst still holding the alcoholic warmth from the whiskey. The Domo Arigato has an interesting smell with the fennel and the cucumber combining perfectly. As you sip away and catch wafts of the drink, you can catch a hint of each of these unique flavours. While this whiskey was a gift, it would otherwise be an expensive little drink. You might be a purist and think expensive whiskey should only be drunk straight, but we prefer to think it adds class and damn fine flavour to a fancy cocktail. We suspect that you may be able to substitute the whiskey for an inferior liquor, but it really was rather lovely and we recommend splashing out on this one. Personally, as somebody who usually dislikes brown spirits, I found this whiskey to be smooth and delightful. Plus this drink also helped us realise that big ass ice cubes are the bomb. They look impressive, provide a nice platform for garnishes, and melt slow to keep your drink cold but not diluted. Drinking trifecta!

Domo Arigato

My brother is a huge fan of whiskey and has force fed me a variety of them over the years. As we have both aged and matured, so too has the quality of the whiskey that he drinks. I believe both my brother, as well as The Gentleman’s brothers would appreciate this drink and its damn fine, oh-so-fancy contents. So, let us say “Domo Arigato” to all the awesome brothers out there!



Domo Arigato

(PS we don’t speak Japanese. At all. Can you tell?)


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