Now Serving – Smokin’ Rose

By The Gentleman

Smokin' Rose

Earlier in the year I started to grow a small herb garden to provide some fresh flavour for our libations. Aside from the usual suspects like basil, mint, and rosemary I also decided to grow some pineapple sage, and grow it did. While the other herbs got beat around by the elements and god damned bugs, the pineapple sage has almost grown out of control. I now have more pineapple sage than I know what to do with, so you can expect to see a lot of pineapple sage featured in our drinks, starting with the Smokin’ Rose.

Smokin' Rose

Smokin’ Rose

45ml Espolon Blanco Tequila

10 ml William McHenry Dry Gin

Juice of Half a Lemon

4 Pineapple Sage leaves + 3 small leaves for garnish

Bittermen’s Burlesque Bitters

Fentiman’s Rose Lemonade

Smokin' Rose

In a cocktail shaker muddle the pineapple sage with the lemon juice. Keep at it until you can smell the pineapple over the lemon. Add your tequila, gin, ice, and a dash of bitters. Shake vigorously until your hand starts to feel cold. Strain into a champagne flute then top with the Rose Lemonade, another dash of bitters and garnish with the small leaves. If you arrange the leaves in a fan shape and press down they kind of stick together and make a really eye-catching garnish.

Smokin' Rose

Pineapple sage really smells exactly like a pineapple. It’s quite heavenly actually, which makes it perfect for cocktails. Despite the heavy pineapple and fruit flavours from the sage the drink rocks a very smoky flavour and aroma from the tequila and bitters. They just smoke up the joint.  The drink has a nice tangy finish that is really enhanced by eating salty corn chips. It’s the perfect food/drink combination. Eat a handful of chips, then some more because they are delicious, then take a sip of the drink and prepare yo’self to be smacked around by flavour. You just get opened up to all the fruitiness of the drink. We also have blow our own horn a little and say that this was a very good looking drink. It has such a pretty colour and those rather cooperative pineapple sage leaves allowed us to totally rock the presentation.


If you similarly have an overgrowth of pineapple sage then get cutting and start making this drink. It’s delicious, looks amazing, and is really just some damn fine drinking.


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