Now Serving – Eau De Vie’s Bacon & Caramelised Apple

By The Gentleman

Bacon and Caramelised Apple Cocktail

We already told you earlier that Experimental Spirits Co were able to fund their awesome Bacon Bourbon through the crowdfunding platform Pozible. We got all over that opportunity to help out a great local craft producer, we like to see craft spirits do well, but we also can’t deny that we kind of did it just to get some sweet, sweet rewards. In this case it was our bottle of Bacon Bourbon AND the very cool Eau De Vie Cocktail Book. Eau De Vie sling some of the best cocktails around and while we haven’t been able to go there ourselves, we can live vicariously through this gorgeous book. It was also handy that a few extra bacon focused recipes had been written in the back, making the decision on what to try first that much easier. We decided on the Bacon & Caramelised Apple.

Eau De Vie Cocktail Book

Eau De Vie’s Bacon & Caramelised Apple

45ml Experimental Spirits Co Bacon Bourbon

45ml Caramelised Apple Juice

Bittermen’s Burlesque Bitters


Dehydrated Apple for Garnish

Eau De Vie Cocktail Book

Prep the caramelised apple juice by chopping up apples and placing them in a pan with brown sugar. Cook them in the brown sugar until the apples are soft then juice, adding all the caramelised liquid in the pan as well. I don’t have a juicer so I whizzed up the apples in  food processor with a little water and apple juice to get it going, then strain the apple pulp through a fine strainer to get the juice. With your caramelised apple juice prepared grab a glass, we used a large Brandy Balloon, and build the drink over lots of ice and stir. Garnish with a dehydrated apple slice.

Bacon and Caramelised Apple Cocktail

This is luckily one of the easier Eau De Vie cocktails to make, but that doesn’t mean it’s not full of loads of flavour. The drink pretty much looks like a big glass of delicious caramel. You kind of just want to jump right in there. It doesn’t just look like caramel, that juice gives the whole drink a delightful caramel flavour. It’s quite a buttery caramel, my drinking buddy likened it to a Werther’s Original and I’d have to agree. The big caramel flavours, with a hint of fruity apple, make it a real fall/winter sort of drink. Surprisingly the bacon wasn’t that prominent, but that doesn’t matter as this is just a really tasty beverage that goes down smooth and leaves a damn fine aftertaste.

Bacon and Caramelised Apple Cocktail

We are looking forward to making a whole bunch of cocktails from the Eau De Vie Cocktail Book and this was a good place to start. Nice and simple with lots of great flavour it will surely lull us into a false sense of security so we think we can tackle some of the crazier drinks on offer.


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