Now Serving – Sweet Tallulah

By The Gentleman

Sweet Tallulah

The Lady will attest that I have a bit of a soft spot for American style cooking, especially anything from the South. I just find something about pecan pies, cornbread, and slow cooked BBQ meats so comforting and delicious. So when I saw this cocktail, which is inspired by the Southern tradition of adding peanuts to Coca-Cola, I knew I just had to try it. Although we were a bit skeptical at first (nuts and soda well that’s just nuts) we present to you the Sweet Tallulah.


Sweet Tallulah

1 3/4 oz Bulleit Rye Whiskey

15 ml Tuaca

30 ml Homemade Peanut Orgeat

Fentimans Curiosity Cola



Sweet Tallulah

In a glass, combine whiskey, Tuaca and Orgeat over ice. The orgeat is quite syrupy so give it a good mix. Then top it with cola and garnish with a few peanuts and serve with a fun straw.


You can pick up almond orgeat from most good liquor stores, but the recipe calls for peanut orgeat which is a little harder to find. I followed the recipe from Garden & Gun and it was a relatively painless experience. I made half the amount because I wasn’t sure what else I might use the orgeat in before it goes bad. It made quite a thick syrup and I was quite pleased with the resulting flavour.


We were a bit skeptical of adding peanuts to cola, but that soon passed when we took our first sip. The drink has a delightful salty and sweet flavour because the peanut orgeat and cola get together and become best friends. It’s actually a damn fine flavour combination that is right on the money for current cocktail trends. Salt is fast becoming a go to for bartenders outside of a lick, sip, suck situation. We’re yet to really experiment with salt as a flavour and an enhancer of flavour, but this has us intrigued. I added the Tuaca to shake things up a little and the vanilla provides a nice smoothness. It doesn’t make the drink too boozy or overpower the whiskey. It’s still there, providing a nice kick and a touch of spicy and heat. If you don’t have Tuaca you could probably get the same flavour with a Vanilla Coke. Basically we thought we were drinking some sort of delicious peanut pie. We don’t even know if that’s a thing and we don’t care  because it was delicious. It’s nutty, smooth and salty/sweet, just like the best kind of pie.

Sweet Tallulah

Those Southerners may be a little bit crazy, dropping peanuts in their Coke, but that’s okay when the craziness pays off so well. We now feel the need to gather all of the nuts and add them to all of the sodas. Craziness is contagious and that’s okay with us.


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