On The Shelf – Kangaroo Island Spirits Old Tom Aged Gin

By The Lady


“Hello everybody, my name is The Lady and I am a Crazy Cat Lady.” This would be my opening line if I were to enter cataholics anonymous rehabilitation, but luckily for me there is no such thing. I’ll admit, way back in May when we checked out Tasting Australia, I set my eyes upon Kangaroo Island Spirits Old Tom Aged Gin and fell in love. Created especially for Tasting Australia 2014 means that this gin is pretty gosh darn special. This limited release liquor combined my two greatest loves – gin and cats. Oh my. Unfortunately, at the time I left it too late to order a bottle and it all sold out (there were tears). Luckily, I happened upon the Kangaroo Island Spirits website and noticed that it was again available for a second time so I immediately snapped up a bottle for myself.


Firstly, the label is pretty impressive with an old world feel completed (of course) with a cat gazing back. The earthy, rich colours featured on the label reflect the heritage of the Old Tom style of gin. By being a limited run, each bottle is individually labelled which adds an extra special touch. The gin itself has held onto a slight yellowish tone through the aging process, which is refreshingly different from a lot of other gins on the market.


Over the weekend, The Gentleman and I visited a lovely little cafe in Semaphore, South Australia called The Corner Store. Not only did we eat a delicious brunch, we were able to browse their wares. After our epic meal, we picked up a four pack of Bottlegreen Elderflower Tonic Water. Best decision ever. That night, we combined these two new finds and we’re pretty smitten. Hence, we’d like to present you with the Smitten Kitten.


In the Smitten Kitten, we used :

60mL KIS Old Tom Aged Gin

90mL Nudie Cloudy Apple Juice  (our favourite!)

175 ml Bottlegreen Elderflower Tonic Water

One slice of dehydrated apple (you could probably use some fresh apple, but we had these preprepared so voilà!)


Start by pouring the gin into a glass, then follow with the apple juice. Top the drink with the tonic water and add your apple slice to finish.


The Smitten Kitten is a deliciously refreshing drink, courtesy of the bubbliness of the tonic water, that we will definitely be putting into regular rotation at The Cocktail Challenge HQ. This cocktail has a lovely balance of sweetness and tartness, neither of which are too overwhelming. In our opinion, it was just the right balance of flavours. The drink was also extremely fragrant, with a delicious floral scent wafting from the glass. At first, the dominant flavour was definitely the floral taste of the elderflower tonic and KIS gin. However, as we were sipping away at the Smitten Kitten, the flavours from the apple juice and dehydrated apple really shone through. Drinkers beware, even though the Smitten Kitten has two shots of gin in it, it does not taste overly alcoholic at all. We could quite happily drink this smooth cocktail for breakfast, but unfortunately it’s not really socially acceptable!


All in all, we are very happy with our new feline gin which we can add to the collection. Also, we are very excited to use it again very soon for some more #ginlove times! Personally, I will jump at the chance to create cocktails with delicious liquor and name them after cats.


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