On The Shelf – My Grandma Moved House And I Scored Some Booze

By The Lady


A couple of months ago, my grandmother moved house and she kindly donated a lot of alcohol to me. She was in the tossing out mood when she threatened to pour all her booze down the sink. When she sensed that I was about to cry, she asked me “Oh, would you like to keep some darling?” to which I replied “You know it, G-Ma!”


To be honest, I grabbed as many bottles as I could. These are some of the ones that are remaining from the haul. I was able to score some bottles of wine but, naturally, they are all gone! Some of the reasons I decided upon choosing these particular liquors is because a) I hadn’t tried some of these liquors b) I loved the old school labels (I think some of these would be rather old!) and c) because I love to drink!


These are the following bottles that still remain in my collection …


Buton Liquore Sambca

Helas Kalamata Ouzo


Smirnoff Vodka

Daringa Spiced Mead

Southern Comfort

Winston’s London Dry Gin


Some of my favourite designs are the Campari, Smirnoff Vodka and the Southern Comfort because of their old fashioned labels. Particularly, I really like the pattern which is embossed onto the glass on the Smirnoff label. It is such a lovely extra touch that gives this bottle an extra charming edge. I have also noticed that on older bottles of booze, it is common to see a phrase saying something along the lines of “Bottled in Bond Under Commonwealth Control” which I think is a rather interesting flash back into the alcohol past here in Australia. I love that I was able to take these with their gorgeously designed labels. I almost wish the labels still had that vintage charm, but alas, all good things come to an end.


Some of them I have used a lot and some I am yet to try but I am always pleased with free booze! Thanks Grandma! If anybody has any suggestions of how to drink these or which cocktails to make, hit us up on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest!


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