Now Serving – Campari and Corona

By The Gentleman


Right now it’s that time of year at Cocktail Challenge HQ, end of uni semester. That dreaded time of essay writing and exam prep that is a living hell before weeks of blissful holidays. The Lady has been madly finishing essays and I’ve been madly trying to stay out of her way, but still trying to keep her fed and liquored up (because we all know there’s nothing better for study than a few drinks right? Right??) The other night she was madly trying to finish one of her last essays so I decided to whip up this quick summery drink I saw on The Kitchn (one of our favourite sites) to help her beat the Winter and essay blues.

Campari and Corona

Campari and Corona

1 1/2 oz Campari

1/2 bottle Corona

Lemon zest


Fill glass with ice, add Campari. Pour in beer. Squeeze zest over glass then rim edge and drop lemon in the glass.

Campari and Corona

So the original recipe uses an IPA but all we had on hand were Corona’s, which are a pale lager. As you all know Corona’s are a pretty easy to drink beer with not a lot of bitterness and I think this actually worked out quite well with the Campari. Campari is soooo bitter. It’s crazy. Campari and tonic drinkers I salute you because that is dedication to your drinking right there. Here it gets toned down a lot and combining the Campari and Corona gives you this really nice smelling, bitter beer. The drink has a really fruity bitterness from the Campari but it is really easy to drink. It is that sort of bitterness which is still very refreshing. Over time the flavour of the grapefruit also becomes more prominent, opening your taste buds up to a next level experience. This is definitely a summer drink but it also brings a nice burst of colour and flavour to a miserable Winter night of stress and study.

Campari and Corona

So this was a quick little mix up that is super easy and super tasty. Lemon, Campari and beer is definitely a winning combination. It’s something you can mix up when you’re feeling fancy, but also feeling quite lazy (or stressed in this case). Plus there are lots of opportunities to explore different fruits and beers to see how the flavour changes. So go on and treat yourself to something a little fancy, you deserve it.


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