Out & About – The Collins Bar

By the Lady

Collins Bar

A few weeks back, y’all will all be aware that I made the Espresso Beer Cake for The Gentleman’s birthday. In addition to having his cake and eating it too, we went out for a few drinks with some friends to a dapper local that is The Collins Bar.

The Beautiful Bar and Communal Table at Collins Bar. Image from Collins Bar Facebook Page

Collins Bar is a lovely little bar attached to the Hilton Hotel in Adelaide’s CBD. I love the design of the bar with the mood lighting, gorgeous furniture and the large windows, which are often opened up to a view of Victoria Square – perfect for people watching. In fact, Collins Bar has won a design award for its dapper, 1960’s style design. I instantly feel classier when stepping into Collins Bar, which I think is a rare task for a bar to achieve! We have been there many times before and love what they do, so we thought a birthday is the perfect opportunity to share their fine drinks with our friends while we were hitting the town!


The Collins Bar has a large selection of spirits to suit any taste. Image from Collins Bar Facebook

I’ll be honest, we ordered quite a few drinks. We loved everything they served up, but here are a few we thought were especially damn fine … (apologies for the photos, moody bar lighting and phone cameras are not the best mix)



From the menu – “gin + pineapple + orange juice + lemon juice + dash angostura bitters = served straight up in a coupet”

This deliciously made classic cocktail made us want to wear a grass skirt and get lei-ed! So fruity and refreshing it’ll make you feel like you’re on holiday.

Honolulu (L)

Honolulu (L) and Granny Smiths Cider Apple Sour (R)


Granny Smiths Cider Apple Sour

From the menu – “sous vide apple infused belvedere vodka + fresh pressed citrus + bitters +homemade cider + apple cider ice sphere + baked apple crisp garnish = a unique cider inspired take on the classic sour”

This drink has a FROZEN BALL OF CIDER! For real. You know you need this in your life. It has so many layers of apple flavour you’ll think you’ve gotten lost in an orchard.

Honolulu and Granny Smiths Cider Apple Sour

Honolulu (L) and Granny Smiths Cider Apple Sour (R)



From the menu – “old tom gin + freshly pressed raspberries + lemon juice + sugar syrup + a hint of egg white = served straight up”

This one is already a favourite of mine, however The Gentleman had not ever tried it before that night. Clearly, he had not yet lived. Cloverclub is just so damn delicious. I am a fan of anything with gin, but this one just makes my gin-love grow even more. A fresh pop of raspberry goodness and a damn fine example of what egg white can bring to a cocktail.

Clover Club Clover Club

In addition to our delicious cocktails, we were also given free popcorn. Somebody making me feel classy, providing me with liquor AND free snacks … a dream come true. To quote Humphrey Bogart, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Collins Bar Popcorn


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