Now Serving – Lemon Slipper

By The Gentleman


So this is a quick little experiment that went very quickly from ‘I don’t even know if this is a thing’ to ‘please sir can I have another’ quite rapidly. After getting the stylish Arthur Wines Glass Slipper and sampling it’s deliciousness I was looking for other ways The Lady and I could enjoy this great drink. I then came across the delightful sounding Golden Dream Cocktail and in a moment of mad science insanity wondered whether I could adapt it to use the Arthur Wines Glass Slipper. After shaking a few of these up, and tweaking the amounts a bit, it turns out you could!

Lemon Slipper

Lemon Slipper

45ml Arthur Wines Glass Slipper White Fortified Wine

30ml Tuaca

20ml cream

15ml lemon juice


Put all the ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice. Shake it till that cream gets all frothy and good then pour it into your fancy glass.

Lemon Slipper

This is the second version we tried. The first one used equal parts lemon, Tuaca and fortified wine but our fellow tasters thought it was an overload of lemony citrus. The Lady and I thought it was fine, a pleasant citrus kick, but because we live in a democracy we decided to change it to appease the people. This second try still has a strong citrus flavour but it’s not anywhere near as in your face. The above recipe also makes quite a small drink so you can easily up the amounts or just have multiple, that is a-okay with us.I’ll be honest and say that I’m surprised this tasted as good as it did. I’d never really had a cocktail made with cream and I’ve also not had a lot of experience with fortified wine, both on it’s own or in a cocktail. It was hard to know how well these flavours would play together but thankfully everyone got along nicely and The Lady and I were able to enjoy a rather gorgeous dessert cocktail. We reckon that if you are not a big milk or cream person though you may not find this as enjoyable as some. Sorry lactose friends.

Lemon Slipper

The cocktail had this divine citrus and vanilla fragrance. Drinking it you experienced this really nice creamy flavour and texture at first and then you were hit with the citrus. This is why we reduced the lemon juice but upped the fortified wine so the drink finished more smoothly, and boy was it smooth. It was probably smoother than the Old Spice guy and he’s pretty damn smooth (am I right? Ladies?). It was also super easy to drink. The fortified wine and Tuaca blended together exceptionally well and the lemon juice offsets any potential overload of sweetness. The Lady described the drink as being even more like lemon meringue pie than the Glass Slipper we tried just with some lemonade. It was like a lemon meringue pie that has heaps of meringue so it’s all creamy and smooth with just this bite of citrus. I am all for drinks tasting more like pie because pie is awesome.

Lemon Slipper

So The Lady and I aren’t sure whether this drink is a thing somewhere else already but if it isn’t then it definitely should be. Cream and cocktails, who would have thought but hot damn if this wasn’t one tasty little experiment. If Cinderella lost this slipper I don’t think a Prince Charming would be bringing it back to her, he’d keep this all to his own self. Also I’m really glad this worked out because I wasn’t looking forward to explaining to The Lady why we had less Glass Slipper and nothing to show for it if it was a failure. No one ever wants to waste good liquor and the Lemon Slipper is certainly no waste!


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