On The Shelf – Sixpoint Brewery Global Warmer

By The Gentleman


So I’m back with another Sixpoint brew On The Shelf but I have to admit one small caveat this time around. Unfortunately, due to a sudden urge to stick a chicken on a can of beer and roast it for delicious ends the Sixpoint Brewery Global Warmer cannot actually take a physical place on my shelf at home. Don’t feel too bad though, the can went to a better place after doing its duty proudly, holding that chicken up so it could be some of the juiciest, tastiest roast chicken I’ve ever had.

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Anyway enough about beer can chicken, it’s making me hungry. The Sixpoint Global Warmer is one of the brewer’s seasonal beers. It comes in a smaller 355ml can, which was the perfect size for roasting a chicken on top of. Damnit I’m back to talking about chicken again. The beer is a strong 7% ABV and a IBU of 70 meaning it’s a rather potent, bitter little package. Interestingly, the beer was first canned one year after Superstorm Sandy hit New York and the Sixpoint brewhouse in Red Hook, Brooklyn was flooded.


Sixpoint Global Warmer Standing Proud

Sixpoint Global Warmer Standing Proud

By now you know that I am a fan of the Sixpoint Brewery design philosophy. Great use of layout, color and typeface to create a uniform branding that is also flexible enough to allow for each beer to have its own identity. The Global Warmer, as a seasonal beer, is allowed to let its hair down a little more with a gorgeous deep red dominating the look of the can. There’s not much more I can really say other than even when you stand the smaller Global Warmer next to its taller brethren my eye was constantly drawn to the Global Warmer due to the deep red can. Also, while I still think the Bengali Tiger has the best logo, because tigers,  I do like the Global Warmer globe in a globe idea. It suits the beer as it has a clear ideology, focusing on the rapidly changing beer climate hence the focus on the globe.

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Making the beer can chicken required only a third of the beer to be left in the can, so naturally I downed the rest. The beer itself was super bitter, which is to be expected by the high IBU. It really coats the mouth leaving your mouth with a pleasant but powerful bitterness all over. Sixpoint say there are also notes of biscuit, toasted caramel, dark fruit and mild notes of chocolate. I can’t say I really picked up on any fruity or citrusy flavours nor the chocolate but there was definitely a caramel, malty after taste. It was probably a more bitter beer than I would normally drink to be honest, but it was still a rather enjoyable and interesting brew.

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Now that the Global Warmer is down I’ve only got one more Sixpoint beer left from my first experiment with this Brooklyn based brewer. So far I’ve been pretty impressed with what they have to offer, both in terms of design and flavour, and I’d definitely like to explore more of what they have to offer as well as revisit some of the one’s I have already tasted. Thankfully, it’s also a good thing I’ve started to see Sixpoint at a few more local establishments so I can satisfy my craving easily. Plus the can is the perfect size for beer can chicken and that is definitely a plus in my book.


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