Now Serving – Señor Shrub

By The Gentleman


So we may have missed the boat on Cinco de Mayo for this year but that doesn’t mean there’s any less of a reason to indulge in some tequila based libations. I adapted this recipe from one I found online at Paste Magazine when I was looking for some help on what tequila to buy. The recipe may not be much help to you, given the availability of some of the ingredients and the use of shrubs, but it was certainly something worth writing down because it was one tasty beverage.

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Señor Shrub
1.5 oz Espolón Blanco Tequila
1.5 oz apple, pear and clove shrub
1 oz orange, kiwi and cayenne shrub
1/2 oz Port Willunga Fine Foods Appleberry (Muntries) Syrup

Combine in a shaker with ice. Shake vigorously to incorporate the Appleberry Syrup. Strain into a glass.

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So obviously there are a few things here that you probably won’t have just lying around. Like I said before I’m a bit of a tinkerer and shrubs are now one of my favourite things to experiment with. I happened to have a few bottles of these homemade shrubs on hand to add something a little different to the original drink. For those of you who don’t know, shrubs are a colonial era drink born out of the preserving practices for fresh fruit. Basically you combine fruit, sugar, apple cider vinegar, and patience for a dry but refreshing soda. You can pretty much experiment with any fruit, herb and spice combination you want. Cocktail 101 has the run-down on how to get shrubbing as I’m keeping my exact recipes a secret for possible future fun times while Shrub & Co make a variety of delicious sounding shrubs that could work with this recipe. We picked up the Appleberry syrup at the Tasting Australia Town Square and were pretty eager to try it in something. The original Señor Ramon had maple syrup so I figured the Appleberry syrup would be a suitable and interesting replacement. The syrup is made from a local Australian native fruit and it has a very strawberry jam sort of flavour.

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The drink had a very sharp flavour but with a sweetness. I would say this was from the shrubs as anyone who has tried one before knows they have a very dry, sharp flavour with a sweet aftertaste. I thought it might have been too sweet from the shrubs and syrup, the lady who sold us the Appleberry Syrup said it’s very sweet, but I think the tequila did a good job of cutting through most of the sweetness. The drink smelled amazing from all the fruity flavours mixing together, very citrusy and sweet. While the drink had a very sharp flavour it was also a very fruity one that was quite well balanced. Despite all the fruity flavours there was still that trademark kick from the tequila. This was probably enhanced by the cayenne in the orange and kiwi shrub, seriously using cayenne more often now, and you were left with a delightful warming sensation for quite some time after finishing the drink. Perfect as we head into colder weather here in Australia.  From the use of the shrubs and syrup the drink had a very thick consistency that really coated your mouth in deliciousness and a gorgeous light orange colour. The Lady described it as resembling a glaze or sauce you’d have over a dessert at a fancy restaurant. With all of her grace she also declared that she would like ‘all of them in me’ and she has this longing look every time she sees a photo of the drink so I’m declaring the Señor Shrub a spicy, fruity success.


Now to sit back and listen to Tequila by The Champs while sipping a few Señor Shrub’s.

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