Out & About – Tasting Australia Town Square

By The Gentleman


Adelaide is one of those all or nothing cities. There’s either little happening or a lot. The other weekend was one of those where there was a lot.


The Lady and I ventured out to the Bowerbird Design Market on the Saturday thinking our day would only consist of delicious pastries, good coffee and lots of shopping. While it was all of those things, as Bowerbird is a great local event highlighting the work of designers from all over Australia, it soon turned into a boozy day as we realised the Tasting Australia Town Square was open in Victoria Square.  The Town Square featured some of South Australia’s best local food regions including the Barossa, Riverland, Kangaroo Island and Clare Valley. With sampling glass in hand our already indulgent day soon included wine and many samples of the produce being made right here in South Australia.

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What really impressed The Lady and I was how passionate and chatty all the stall holders were. You could tell they really care about their products, but not only that, they were genuinely excited that other people are just as interested in their work as they are. The highlight was meeting a lovely lady from Shut The Gate Wines located in the Clare Valley. Aside from the fact that she had oodles of red wine for us to taste, always a bonus, she spent a lot of time talking to us about the brand. As you all know The Lady and I appreciate those brewers, distillers and winemakers who go the extra mile to position their brand as something different through their labels. Shut The Gate are definitely one of those brands. In particular she told us about the evolution of their labels, which were very cool, and started out as your typical writing on a white background but they soon realised they could standout more with some labels that matched the creativity of the wines. We especially liked the three labels that are based on fables about ‘shutting the gate’ and after listening to her for a while we promptly purchased a bottle of the Barbera and the Grenache. The Barbera was an especially meaty wine, tasting like the perfect accompaniment to a Sunday roast, and really quite unlike anything The Lady and I had tasted before.

photo%203 copy

We also sampled and purchased some divine Cinnamon Honey from Williamstown (the last jar) and a very interesting and super tasty Appleberry Syrup from Port Willunga Fine Foods. The Appleberry Syrup is made from native Australian Muntries and has a very jammy flavour and consistency. The Lady and I are looking forward to using it in a few cocktails, including an upcoming tequila based cocktail.


There was also plenty of food to eat and while we originally liked the look of some pizzas we ended up going for something fried and barbecued. The Lady had some pumpkin fritters and I had a beef brisket cibatta. I have a bit of a thing for brisket, bordering on obsession, and the sandwich did not disappoint. I even managed to get a few of the blackened end bits, meat heaven right there. The pumpkin fritters were crispy, deep-fried deliciousness and continue to show that if you deep-fry something it instantly tastes better. It’s a science fact people.


For an impromptu end to the day the Tasting Australia Town Square couldn’t have been better. Great food, exceptional wines and passionate people talking about what they love. It was really a fabulous celebration of what South Australia has to offer with a great location in the heart of the city. The Lady and I will definitely be returning to this well run and fun event in the future.


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