On The Shelf – Sixpoint Brewery Sweet Action

By The Gentleman


After sampling the Bengali Tiger the next Sixpoint Brewery beer on the list to try was the Sweet Action Ale. The Sweet Action is another of Sixpoint’s core ales and in fact the Sweet Action was the original beer brewed by Sixpoint back when they were founded in 2004.

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Again the Sweet Action follows the same design style as the Bengali Tiger. Putting the Sweet Action and Bengali Tiger next to each other they look good, similar yet with their own identity. I think I prefer the bold orange and tiger design on the Bengali but the Sweet Action still looks nice. It has what I think is a wheat plant as its logo, so not quite as impressive as a tiger, but as it is done in the same style as the tiger it still looks cool. I also love the name, ‘Sweet Action’ and it’s made even better by the fact that sweet action has an entry on Urban Dictionary.

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The beer itself is quite tasty. It is lighter in colour than the Bengali Tiger, less of an orange and more of an amber. It is quite hazy though and not as clear as I was expecting. Sixpoint describe the beer as “hard to define, but perhaps that’s why people love it. Part pale ale, part wheat, part cream ale- all Sweet Action.” The flavour is certainly hard to define. It is not as bitter as the Bengali and not as heavy either. I found it easier to drink as it had a nice dry crispness to it. I couldn’t really pick up on exact flavours quite like I could with the Bengali, maybe a bit of citrus and a sort of caramelly/butterscotch, but for me it starts out sweet then goes bitter with the aftertaste and then as it lingers it goes kind of sweet again. I can’t really describe it but I do like it.

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Two down and so far I’m liking what Sixpoint have to offer. I could probably drink more of the Sweet Action because it is that bit lighter than the Bengali and a bit easier to drink but both boast powerful and interesting flavours in stylishly large cans. Any beer drinker would be happy.


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