Now Serving – Vodka Gimlet

By The Lady


We here at Cocktail Challenge are big fans of Mad Men, so naturally when the premier of season seven was aired a few weeks ago, we got a tad excited. So excited that we decided to incorporate this into our cocktail making. Via the Mad Med website, we found a list of delightful sounding cocktails we thought we must share with you. We decided to start our Mad Men cocktail making adventure with the Vodka Gimlet.

McHenry Puer Vodka

We decided to use another tasty local liquor – McHenry Puer Distilled Premium Vodka, of William McHenry & Sons Distillery. I was given a gift box with three of their spirits including the Puer Vodka, a Classic Dry Gin and an Old English Sloe Gin. As a side note, I cannot wait to get my hands on another bottle of the Sloe Gin. I whipped through it rather quickly and am now in withdrawal. This gift box was a great present as it gave me an opportunity to sample a variety of Tasmania’s fine vodka and gin goodies.

McHenry Puer Vodka1

For our Vodka Gimlet, we used :

45mL McHenry Puer Triple Distilled Premium Vodka

30mL lime juice

2 slices of lime


Shake together vodka, lime juice with ice in your cocktail shaker.  Strain contents into glass and add lime slices. Add extra ice as desired.

Vodka Gimlet 1

The resulting drink turned out to be a very pretty colour with a lovely citrus scent. There is definitely a reason why this drink is a classic. It shows that by carefully considering the pairing of flavours, a drink can quickly become an old time favourite. The drink was rather powerful, particularly with an especially dominant but refreshing lime flavour.  However, it is important to remember that back in the 1960’s days of Mad Men, many people would have smoked. Given this, the flavours in food and drinks needed to be rather intense for it to be noticed. The levels of lime may be to extreme for a modern palette, but the Vodka Gimlet sure is a drink of its time. I would suggest to maybe tone down the lime juice if you plan on making this yourself, unless of course you love limes or if you smoke like Don Draper. Overall, the drink was very refreshing and pleasant and some might say it was as tart as Betty Draper.


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