On The Shelf- First Drop Wines Home of the Brave III Nebbiolo

By The Gentleman


Okay so I have no idea who or what a ‘Nebbiolo’ is. Seriously no idea. As I poured a glass of Home of the Brave III, from Baroass Valley, South Australia, based wine slingers First Drop Wines (another fine local doing their thing with both class and style) I suddenly realised I had no idea what I was drinking. I’m a red drinker and don’t profess to favor any sort of blend over another but I generally at least know what I’m drinking when I’m drinking it.  With the Home of the Brave III it was definitely a case of being distracted by the label as I just got lost in the artistry of the lettering, the layout and the colors to a stage where I didn’t really care what I was drinking as long as it came out of this bottle.

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As you soak up the image above I’ll inform you that a ‘Nebbiolo’ is a type of red Italian wine grape. One story suggests that the Nebbiolo gets its name from the Italian word for fog, nebbia, because during the October harvests an intense fog covers the Langhe region where many of the Nebbiolo vineyards are located. There are other suggestions as to where the name may have come from but seriously with a story as cool as that why would you bother with any others.

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Pouring out a glass I was quite shocked by the light color as I wasn’t expecting it. The Nebbiolo grapes produce a very light ruby red wine and the Home of the Brave III was no exception. The light ruby of the Nebbiolo was quite pretty and interesting especially in comparison to the deep, dark reds that I am accustomed to. The flavor was very light and almost fresh, without the usual heaviness of a red or the strong boozy hit. It was very drinkable with a quite pleasant, mild taste lingering after each mouthful.

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The label itself was designed by Melbourne’s street artist collective Everfresh Studio. It’s very cool to see two local, creative companies partnering to produce something special. The piece, according to the Everfresh crew, “epitomises our strong drive to always be at the forefront with our artwork, but never forgetting the work of those who inspired us. This piece references the golden age of design, when so much detail was put purely into layout and type to make words look as if they are almost musical.”  Everfresh have certainly captured that reference as the label is beautifully constructed, showcasing a range of different fonts yet still managing to working well together as a whole. I’m usually attracted to bottles with images but the Everfresh design works so well together that the words go beyond mere fonts to produce their own stunning image. The colors of the label are bright and vibrant and I think this mirrors the color of the Nebbiolo wine quite well and whether this is intentional or not it shows great harmony between the wine and the label.

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Whether or not you know what a Nebbiolo wine is or not you should definitely check out this very stylish and eye-catching bottle from First Drop Wines and Everfresh Studio. You owe it to your senses.


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