On The Shelf – Four Pillars Rare Dry Gin

By The Lady


As a gift for my birthday from The Gentleman, I received a lovely bottle of Rare Dry Gin from the new distillery kids on the block Four Pillars. Four Pillars started their craft gin odyssey by crowdfunding through Pozible, selling through the entirety of their first 420 bottle batch within four days! Now that’s impressive!  I love that a small Australian distillery, located in the Yarra Valley,  has had such a great head start and look to have a promising future. At Four Pillars, their top priority is to “elevate the craft of distilling and celebrate the craft of cocktail making in Australia”. They also believe that people should “drink better, not more.” Cheers to that!

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Their name comes from a desire to have everything they make crafted upon four pillars. (ONE) Still. Their gorgeous copper pot still was made in Germany by CARL. They’ve named their still ‘Wilma’. How delightful! (TWO) Water. They claim they use the best water in the world, located in their home in the Yarra Valley. (THREE) Botanicals. Four Pillars use a mixture of Australian botanicals as well as those sourced from around the world. For example, they use whole Australian oranges (a rather unusual practice for gin making) in combination with cardamom . This dedication to unconventional flavour pairings makes for a truly unique gin.  (FOUR) Love. I am always happy to find other gin lovers, especially so close to home.


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What I love about this gin, before I even open the bottle to sample its fine contents, is the sleek, classic design of the bottle and label. The copper colour mirrors the metal of Wilma, the copper pot still. Four Pillar’s logo is a string of four dots, representing their name and the four pillars that drive their success. Their logo also features on the glass of the bottle itself, yet another hint towards their fine attention to detail and dedication to their gin. Their bottle design is simply beautiful, as I am sure the gin will also be.


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I am thoroughly looking forward to tasting this promising Australian Dry Gin. So, let’s raise a glass to Four Pillars Gin for stylishly and deliciously bringing Australia’s attention to classic craft gin, and for urging us to always choose quality over quantity. Here, here!


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