Equipment- Areaware Bottle Opener

Every home bar needs a good, solid bottle opener. For me that is the Areaware Bottle Opener. I found it in the gift shop of the Museum of Modern Art in New York and rightly so as it is design perfection.

The Areaware Bottle Opener

The Areaware Bottle Opener

The Areaware Bottle Opener is one of those beautifully simple pieces of design that are also immensely practical. Made from Beech Wood or Walnut the opener is shaped so it holds easily in the hand. It utilises a magnet to hold the bottle cap in place while a bent nail easily slides under and you just pull back to open your beverage. When the bottle is opened the magnet holds onto the cap so there’s no fumbling around the benchtop as it bounces away. It also has a second outer magnet so you can keep it on your fridge door. Seriously it is that simple yet amazing that you will be kicking yourself for not already thinking of it.

-The Areaware Bottle Opener

-The Areaware Bottle Opener

Simple. Accessible. Timeless. Now to pop open another beer.


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