Out & About – Lotus Lounge

The second stop on my recent cocktail adventures in Adelaide was the Lotus Lounge. It is one of those places, everyone has one in their home town, that everyone else has been to and said about how cool and great it is and despite your best intentions every time you try to go there it just doesn’t happen. Well, I finally managed to tick the Lotus Lounge off that list and see what the fuss is all about.

Situated on Morphett St, just around the corner from the bustling food district of Gouger St, the Lotus Lounge prides itself on its cocktails. Their little motto is ‘Do come round for cocktails’ so that, coupled with the hype that had built from everyone telling me about it, had me pretty excited. We got there early as my partner, who is a Lotus Lounge veteran, said it can get quite busy and given there focus on making good cocktails there is the potential for things to go a little slow. We probably got there at the perfect time, the bar was relatively quite so we could sit down, order our drinks, and get them quite promptly. The space itself is relatively small, but not too cosy that you can hardly move. There is also an outdoor section, which I didn’t look at this time. Its very dark and there were lots of comfy looking chairs and couches scattered around the place.  All in all a pretty cool looking place and while there was a DJ the volume wasn’t so loud that you couldn’t have a conversation with the person next to you.

Perusing the cocktail list gave you the sense that Lotus was trying its best to honor its motto. It is quite extensive with the classics mixed in with house specials and there was a focus on martinis, champagne cocktails, stick drinks, and long drinks as well. I opted for the Las Vegas and my partner couldn’t decide so I chose the Raspberry Mojito because I thought that sounded interesting.

(L) Raspberry Mojito. (R) Las vegas

(L) Raspberry Mojito. (R) Las vegas

The Las Vegas came under the ‘stick drink’ category meaning it had a lot of muddling going on. The drink used fresh lime & kiwi fruit, raw sugar, Absolut Citron, and Midori.The drink had a great color from all the use of green fruits and drink and had big chunks of fruit in it.

It was the kiwi fruit that really interested me with this drink. The kiwi added to the overall sharpness of the drink. Its interesting that kiwis, depending on the variety, can have either a sweet or sour flavor. I think this one erred more on the side of sour, but it wasn’t as sour as the Toffee Apple. As the drink was only muddled with the kiwi and lime the Absolut Citron and Midori gave the drink quite a kick. They weren’t so overpowering that it was undrinkable, it was just the right balance.


The Raspberry Mojito was my choice also, but I’m glad I didn’t have to drink it all. It used fresh lime, raspberries & mint, grenadine, white sugar, and Havana Club Anejo white rum. There was just something about it that I didn’t like. The raspberry didn’t have quite the freshness and fruity flavor I was hoping for. My partner enjoyed the drink more than I did, but also hoped for more raspberry in the drink. She was happy that it didn’t have a syrup taste, this would be from the use of fresh raspberries as opposed to a raspberry syrup I imagine. The drink was also packed with mint which made it quite refreshing.


The Las Vegas was a good choice, but the Raspberry Mojito didn’t quite meet my expectations.


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