Out & About – Toffee Apple & Singapore Sling @ Gallery on Waymouth

Back in my hometown after a weekend in Melbourne I decided it was time to start seriously hitting up the local cocktail offerings. The first stop was the Gallery On Waymouth, located on Waymouth St in the CBD.

Waymouth St has really taken off as a hub of great food and drink in the Adelaide CBD. Quieter than the more boisterous Gouger St and Rundle St there is still great food, and drink, to be found here at places like Melt, Press Food & Wine, and Georges on Waymouth.

Downstairs at Gallery On Waymouth. Courtesy Timeout

The Gallery fits in well, offering three levels of fun including a rooftop bar which is great during the summer. Downstairs offers a more intimate dining area that isn’t too over the top, with a mixture of booths, bars and tables to dine at. It also honors its namesake by showcasing a wide variety of art that is also available to buy. Its a cool place to just sit and eat that doesn’t get overrun by the music. The food is also a little more relaxed, offering mostly share plates and a few burgers for mains.

Anyway enough about the setting it’s the drinks we’re after. The cocktail list is small with a pretty even mix of classics and newer concoctions. I chose the Toffee Apple and my partner chose the Singapore Sling.

(L) Singapore Sling. (R) Toffee Apple

(L) Singapore Sling. (R) Toffee Apple

Ordering the Toffee Apple I had high hopes. When you hear toffee apple you have a pretty clear idea in your head of what it should taste like (unless you were deprived as a child and never had a toffee apple). The Gallery’s Toffee Apple is a combination of sour apple and strawberry schnapps with cranberry juice and fresh lime. Let me just say that it did not disappoint. It tasted more like the toffee apple lollies I’d have as a kid as opposed to an actual apple dipped in toffee but it was still oh so tasty. The fact that it actually lived up to its name made me very happy. The sour apple and strawberry schnapps had such a good flavor. It was sour, but not so sour that you couldn’t still pick up the flavor of the apple. The cranberry juice and lime just gave it enough sweetness. It left a very nice sour taste in the mouth after drinking it. Unfortunately it didn’t quite match what I was eating. That was more my own fault than anything else, note to self pulled pork burger and Toffee Apple do not compliment each other.


Toffee Apple

To understand my relatively new standing in the land of cocktails I didn’t even realise a Singapore Sling was a pinky red. I knew the history of the drink, its creation at the Raffles Hotel in Singapore, but had never really noticed one in the wild. The Gallery’s Singapore Sling was pretty close to the standard recipe, except for its use of lime juice and omission of Benedictine (unless it wasn’t noted on the menu). I didn’t know what to expect with the Singapore Sling, being such a classic and all. I was surprised at how strong the cherry liqueur is, being able to stand out amongst the other flavors. My partner described it as being reminiscent of cherry lip gloss, so any girls in the audience may be able to relate to that. It also had a very juicy consistency from the pineapple which created an odd moment because I was like “ah juice, wait cherry juice?” It wasn’t bad or anything, just unexpected.


Singapore Sling

Overall a pretty good selection from the Gallery. I was particularly impressed by the Toffee Apple with its great sour flavor and ability to conjure up memories of eating a toffee apple lolly as a kid.


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